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Just some random photos from the B1 crew. Thanks for stopping by.

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Billet hardware
18' CP we rigged. Steering, guages, intake setting, motor mounts, tanks, underwater hardware etc.

Dominator bowl re-work
4 hole wedge we built for a tunnel ram setup to keep the carburetors flat.

Transom plates 19 CP

Roughing out the veins of an aggressor 9 vein bowl.

Some pics of the installation on the 18 cp gullwing project

Rigging pics, aluminum backing plates

Gearbox with turbo 400 spline 1350 u joint H bar driveline and ratchet in mock up
Bowl face o-ring. We do this in house with a boring head, eliminates gaskets.
New 18 cp we are rigging. Guthrie blown Chevy

California Performance restoration job.
California Performance jetboat, we did a bit of restoration on this job, powdercoat clean up, sort out the hardware a little bit and some bottom repair and clean up. Gave the boat a nice facelift for 2013.
California performance 18 gullwing we did a bit of a restoration on.

Custom rail kit Big Block chevy
Big Block chevy rail kit  Custom built for a 21' ultra
Big Block Chevy Rail kit in a ultra day cruiser
2 Degree Tapered shoe we built. These are built one off for the particular application. Any opening size, depth, bolt patterns and angle, etc..

Couple rigging pics. Carbon fiber seat, carbon fiber switch panel, gusseted aluminum angle seat frame with a chromoly turnbuckle under the seat (not pictured)
Dominator Bowl machied and detailed by B1. Bowl will also be O-ringed and lightened. Bowl will be used on a boat with a helicopter turbine engine
Drag tank mounting.
Steering post we are working on. Widdled down to 1 lb.

Ralls 19' Cheyenne Miersch 5 degree intake installation by B1 RacingPPP Miersch intake. Ralls Cheyenne PickleforkRalls Cheyenne that came through the shop. Installed a Miersch low profile intake. Beautiful boat.
Picklefork setup.  low pro intake and B1 chromoly loader grate
Detailed bowl by B1 Racing
Detailed impeller by B1 Racing
Pictured is a cp tunnel race boat project. Fully race prepped jet-drive. Lightened bowl, powdercoated pump and some custome transom plates we fabbed up.
Our latest design with loader grates. This particular design is what youd find in a berkeley style intake and the ramp locations favor a 19' tunnel boat.. We do build many many different types of loaders suitable for any hull design or application or we can copy your favortie existing loader with high quality materials. We only build them from Chromoly even for a ski application, we dont believe in cutting costs with a part like a loader grate.
Couple of our B1 Loader grates here. Chromoly construction, fully fixtured and tig welded. Built for all the popular intakes, any length ramps or options are available. We builld them as orders come in. Pictured here is a race type tunnel hull loader grate.

Those of you wondering what a gearbox looks like on a jet-drive, here you go. This is a bellhousing mounted unit.
Upgraded diverter pump. Rouse 19 we did a jet-drive for. Stainless impoeller, Inducer, bowl blueprint work and the hardware setp including  back cut shoe. We delivered the boat to Irvine Lake and did some lake testing with it, Great boat.  This will be a great lake boat. Engine is by Steve Brule at Westech and makes north of 700 HP!

Intake install we did on a Hallett Bubbledeck, added a shoe and rideplate kitm powdercoated the parts and did a nice clean install. Fun project for last week.One of our Chromoly loaders we built, these have an updated upright design, unique center support, chromoly material and professionally tig welded. We make them custom for any application or specs, these are showing good results in testing. This loader pistured is what you'd find in a competition style tunnel boat. We also make these for ski applications but still made from chromolyHere is the latest with our bowl lightening project. Version 2.Entry is blended and ready to run. Notice the dropped style keel that is in the mold. This is the only hull on the market with this style keel right out of the mold. Keel depth stock is 1.125CP tunnel flipped over at B1. Its a brand new hull we put the intake into. This boat will be back for a few more things down the road.We always shoot for nice clean epoxy lines on our intake settingsNew tunnel that was brought to the shop for an intake setting.3 Dominator suctions we prepped for a local race team. Suctions were double drilled, bored aand prepped for pop off valves, wear rings installed and line bored and data ports were installed.9.5Digital 7 we setup for one of our customers. We machined up a plate, did some of the basic wiring, installed relays for N20 and programmed the box for the application. We can now have a working relationship over the phone for tuning the boat.Nozzle side of bowl. Added an o-ring groove. The notches slope outward and follow the ineterior shape to keep a certain wall thicknessDroop / nozzle side againClose up of machine work on bowl side
Lightened Dominator bowl flangeSome bowl lightening we are considering. Looking for a 20% weight reduction total on a Dominator bowl.Transom plate assembly we did for a 19 crusader tunnelIntake cut out on a new Rouse 19'. We take alot of time to make any holes we cut in a hull as perfect as it can be.Custom rail kit we did for a 19 RogersPPP 5 degree intake installed in a 19' CheyenneA pile of stainless impellers waiting to be finished up.
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