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B1 Racing started out as a hobby and race preparation shop for ourselves  at "unit B1" in Costa Mesa, Ca.. The shop never had a name, only a unit number. Along the way the name B1 Racing came up and it "stuck". As we evolved we really focused on doing everything in house and having the right equipment to do the job correctly the first time. It didn't take long to have 3-4 boats at unit B1 on any given weekend in between races or get togethers. It was a place to prep our boats, make new parts or hardware and hang out with friends while working on our toys. At the time, I was working in the industry and racing my own boat. It was all about jetboats and making our stuff run up to it's maximum potential. I later went to work as a machinist in the marine race engine industry but couldn't get away from the jetboat side of things.  Eventually, I started up B1 Racing LLC as a full time business. We are now in a new facility in Santa Ana, Ca. We are a jetboat specific shop and are in constant R&D with the latest technology in jetboats. We take alot of pride in the work we do for both race and ski boats. Thanks for visiting B1racing.net.

Chris Starkweather
B1 Racing LLC.

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